Defending the accused of crimes of violence for 20 years in the Oakland, Hayward and surrounding areas.

Robert d. byers, esq.

Robert Byers is an Oakland defense attorney who really understands self-defense

Violence may lead to more violence, but it is surely true that if violence is common, then self-defense must be common too. Self-defense is not just some words in a law book--it is a vital doctrine that adapts itself to the specific characteristics of a particular incident. What is reasonable self-defense in one set of circumstances may be unreasonable in others.

As a defense attorney who is confronted with the reality of violence every single day, I understand, in practical terms, the real-life threats as they occur in everyday life. Knowledge of the law, by itself, is not enough to get to the heart of self-defense: one must have a deep understanding of human nature and of the nature of human conflict.

The written law is only the beginning

Self-defense is something that must be applied in the real world. Abstract ideas of reasonable self-defense mean nothing unless they are applied appropriately to the unique circumstances of a particular case.

I am a defense attorney who understands conflict, and how conflict potentially turns violent. Self-defense is about avoiding being the victim of violence. Every person and every threat is different and must be evaluated on their own terms.

Let me use my knowledge and experience to establish your defense.